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What is SCG Technology? 2022 Latest News

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Beryl TV image-2 What is SCG Technology? 2022 Latest News Techs

S.C.G. Technology refers to “Spatial Computing Glasses” (SCG), which Jeff Brown says could be the killer of smartphones because they will take on the role of smartphones. Jeff Brown’s SCG pitch released by Brownstone Research mainly aims on what Jeff Brown considers one of the revolutionary and disruptive technologies of the next 50 years. It should not be confused with G.T.E. technology which is type of crypto which is a separate investment he has pitched recently. And take into account that this should also not be confused with a company called SCG Technologies LLC either.

Jeff Brown says computers or laptops experience will no longer be limited to two-dimensional flat monitors or phones. It will be all around us and we will be able to control it with simple hand movements, with our eyes, and our voice. Tech experts like him call this “spatial computing”. He also said that we will be able to view information and use the internet much like how we do for smartphones today using SCG the only deference would be this is totally hands-free. Instead of holding a smartphone in our hands and staring at a screen, we are going to wear it. Furthermore, he states that these glasses will have updated feature. With these glasses, we will be able to do everything we can do on a smart phone which includes texting, calling, checking emails, get directions, and browse the web. All just by using voice commands, hand gestures, and even eye movements.

Spatial processing glasses are intended to work like a smart gadget and Jeff theorizes that they might accompany functionalities like those of a cell phone. He likewise imagines that they will be more helpful than telephones and could be a skilled substitution.

Jeff additionally calls attention to that a few organizations dealing with spatial processing innovation are as of now taking off. For example, ePlay Digital, an increased reality eSports stage has bounced gone up essentially throughout recent months. Kopin Corp., which makes minuscule LCD, ferroelectric LCoS and OLED shows, has seen its portions rise fundamentally in somewhat less than a year.

Clearly Jeff Brown expresses that there is huge load of cash to be produced using all of this yet rather than encourage you to put resources into Apple stock, he believes you should go for a mostly secret firm that could soar in esteem as the new SCG gadget takes on the cell phone market.

The little organization he is discussing might be a provider of Apple as it makes the Spatial Computing Glasses.

After watching the pitch of Mr. Brown, what I thought was that Jeff Brown believes you should put resources into this technology. This process could be the following enormous thing and the opportunity to bring in cash when the new innovation gets carried out.

It was a normal Jeff Brown pitch where he introduces himself as the carefully prepared tech insider who will direct you towards an interest in an original new innovation that might possibly make you truckload of cash.

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