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Urban Refugees in Nigeria – Operational Update (July – September 2022) – Nigeria

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Nigeria currently hosts 87,784 refugees and asylum seekers. Of these, 6,829 reside in urban areas, including Lagos, Ijebu, Abuja, Kano, and urban areas in other States.

Most of them are individually recognized through refugee status determination by the Government of Nigeria.

They originate from 41 countries, with the majority from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, Central Africa Republic, Cameroon, Syria,
Turkey, Mali, and 34 other countries.

With UNHCR’s support, the authorities register them and assess their asylum claims. Despite all its challenges, Nigeria has been a generous host country to asylumseekers and refugees for decades.

It has become a safe haven, especially for Cameroonian refugees and asylum seekers.

Nigeria’s inclusive approach to granting refugees freedom of movement, unhindered access to the labour market, and health insurance is commendable. Refugee children also attend local schools where they receive a quality education.

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