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Tech News LIVE Updates Today: iPhone 14 Plus review, Apple Watch saves life, Google bans 16 apps, asteroids, more

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Technology News LIVE Updates Today, October 23, 2022: Apple Watch saves life again, Google Play Store bans 16 malicious apps, iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 have seen massive price cuts, and a lot more. 

Technology News LIVE Updates Today, October 23, 2022: The weekend is holding India vs Pakistan match to stream online, Apple Watch saves life of a girl, asteroid zooming towards Earth, Google bans 16 apps from Play Store, ahead of Diwali – iPhones and several smartphones have seen massive price cuts

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150-foot asteroid zooming towards Earth tomorrow

A massive 150-foot wide asteroid is coming at massive speed towards Earth. Should we worry? NASA explains. Read more in detail. 

iPhone 14 Plus Review: The clever choice

The iPhone 14 Plus offers a large display and the luxury of good battery life, and that does the trick for most. Read our review here.

Google bans 16 malicious apps from Play Store

Google just banned 16 apps from the Play Store which were draining battery and data from your phone! Do you have any of these noxious apps on your phone? Check list and more details here..

Apple Watch AGAIN saves life

The Apple Watch is definitely more than just wearable tech to flaunt! Apple Watch has again proved itself to be a life-saver for a 12-year-old girl. Here’s what happened. Read more here.. 

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