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President Erik Masisi confers with Zuriel Oduwole on gender issues | The Guardian Nigeria News

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Botswana is known as a growing and influential diamond mining, polishing, and exporting nation among the SADC countries. Botswana has etched its place among the list of very stable democracies on the African continent. Its workforce is relatively well educated compared to the rest of Africa, and its civil society and institutions are well regarded.

These are enviable metrics by most standards, when telling Africa’s story, on a nation-by-nation basis. And that is until you raise the issue of girl’s education and girl’s welfare, and then suddenly Botswana’s story changes very quickly.

Undeterred by these realities, Botswana’s President H.E. Erik Masisi is seeking all the help in his quest to create a safe environment where girl scan thrive to their full potentials, and improve the lot of his countries very proud citizenry.

He has now met with girl education advocate, global development envoy and climate delegate Zuriel Oduwole, to learn about her alternative education initiatives and concept she shared at the 2021 WISE summit on Doha, among many issues they discussed.

“I was once an educationist, and I also worked within the UN system for years. Honestly, I do not recall anyone under the age of 40, who had done so much around the world – WORLD by themselves, with very little resources, and showed a measurable difference in the lives of very many, he said. It is why I wanted to meet Zuriel, because I know there are things she can do here in Botswana, and my government would absolutely support her in those things. Her development work continues in the education space across Africa and the Caribbean.”

She has spoken already to more than 51,300 people in 20 countries across three continents about the real power of education.

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