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Meet the cast of Africa Magic’s ‘Covenant’ series

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Like previous years, both shows running concurrently, are expected to keep fans glued to their screens weekly for another 365 days.

‘Covenant’ follows the story of three strangers on a journey to discover truths that will unite them, change their lives and ultimately lead them to make the greatest sacrifice possible.

‘Itura’, on the other hand, tells the story of beloved king Jagungbade, who desires peace and prosperity for his empire Ibaokuta. However, fate has more in store for him.

Preach Bassey is a Nigerian model, actor and television host. Mr Bass is a native of Urue Offong/Oruko LGA in Akwa Ibom State. He is an alumnus of the New York Film Academy, where he majored in Acting for Film. He starred in movies such as Prepidation, 76, Halita, 4th Republic, and My Name is Khadi. Preach plays Jnr Kane Ijimakinde (JKI) in Covenant.

Okpo Itam Eyo, professionally known as David Eyo, is an actor and a singer from Cross River State, Nigeria. He was born on 26th February 1998 in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria and studied Theatre And Media Studies at the University of Calabar. He plays Adekunle AK Ijimakinde in Covenant. Embroiled in the thick of making his mark on the political stage, pleasing his powerful, domineering father and balancing his somewhat lurid relationships, Adekunle is as yet unsure of his status and future in the grand scheme of things.

Susan Festus is a fast-rising actress born on the 4th of November. She has appeared in movies such as The Wig, Things We Do In the Shadow, Chief Karma, Marry Me Again, More Than Amanda, Super Story (Stars & Scars and Revenge), Mena, Heart & Souls and The Island. Susan also enjoys making funny videos for Tik Tok and Instagram. She plays Maria Ijimakinde in Covenant. Maria is the classic femme fatale of this story. Married to the scion and deep in an entanglement with the titular head of the Ijimakinde family. She’s driven more by her ambition to have relevance or access to power than by love or loyalty.

Annetta Adebusuyi is a model, actress, entrepreneur and medical doctor from Ondo state. She studied Medicine at the University of Osun state and Ukraine. Her acting journey started in her childhood church, where she acted with the drama team for the congregation. She returned to Nigeria in 2017 to pursue her acting and modelling career. She has since starred in movies like Super Story, Revenge, My Siblings & I, Pepper Soup, Enakhe, and Jenifa On Lockdown.

Kameel Audu is a sports and entertainment lawyer, actor and gamer. He has appeared in numerous movies such as Omo Ghetto the Saga, Fine Wine, Nyoko, April 4th, In Between, The Disciple and others. Kameel plays the character Onome in Covenant. The much-loved son of the Erhu dynasty. Kameel has delivered a character who was loved, knew he was loved and lived in the blindness of the fact that the enemy may dwell within and close.

Valentine Ohu is an actor and Radio/TV Host. He has worked on some of the biggest and most popular radio shows and produced commercials, voice-overs and reality shows. He joined the movie industry in 2021 and has since starred in the feature films Once Upon A Life, Last Call, and Africa Magic’s series Unmarried. Valentine plays Santiago ‘Santi’ Dos Santos in Covenant. If looks are deceptive were a person, Valentine’s delivery of this character would be it. Santi’s ability to bend the truth with dexterity and hide his true feelings behind a facade of innocence, outrage and concern is second to none. Kudos Valentine.

Caroline Aroghene is an actress, thespian and fashion enthusiast from Delta State. She featured in movies such as Invitation, Passport, Invaders, The Crash, The Wildflower, Found Daddy and others. In addition to her work in Nollywood, Caroline has performed humorous skits alongside famous skit makers like Mr Macaroni, Mc Lively, and Officerwoos, among others. She plays Duchess in Covenant. The High-class madame is driven, ambitious and not averse to using others as a means to an end. Caroline delivers the many facets of this character effortlessly and with believability.

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