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Google Street View Not Working 2022: How To Fix Google Street View Not Showing Issue?

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Google Street View

A popular feature best used in Google Maps and Google Earth, Google Street View offers interactive panoramas from locations along several streets across the globe. It was introduced in 2007 in several American cities, and since then, it has spread to urban and rural places worldwide. Google Maps displays streets with Street View imagery as blue lines. In addition, interactive panoramas of stitched virtual reality images are displayed by Google Street View. Most photography is done in cars, but some are done on foot, tricycles, a camel, boats, snowmobiles, and underwater equipment.

Google Street View Not Working 2022

With the use of GPS, Google Maps allows for real-time location-based navigation. Additionally, it offers a street view capability that users can use to view the actual location photographs as they like. If the street view function on your Google Maps is broken, you must correct the problem.

Internet device check

  • A stable internet connection is required to use Google Maps’ street view feature.

  • Check the data network on your device, or turn on the Wi-Fi and join a different network.

  • Try using Google Maps’ street view after that to see if the problem has been resolved.

Refresh Google Maps

  • The next cure for Google Maps is to update the program on your smartphone if Street View isn’t working.

  • Go to your device’s app settings and then select Google Maps.

  • Install the most recent Google Maps update on your smartphone to fix the problem with the street view not working there.

Check the availability of street view

  • If Street View is unavailable while browsing on Google Maps, it can also not function.

  • It would help if you, therefore, determined whether Google Maps Street View is available in your area so that you may decide if it is not functioning.

Activate the location service

  • Make sure the location service is enabled on your smartphone when you open the Google Maps app.

  • To fix the street view not working problem, please first turn on the location service if it is not already on.

How To Fix Google Street View Not Working?

Determine if this is not a known problem

  • A malfunction or error in the coding may have caused Street View to cease working all of a sudden or after you upgraded your Google Maps application.

  • See if other users have reported the issue. Or perhaps Google has already acknowledged the problem in writing.

  • Some aspects of the Google Maps app, particularly on Android or iOS, may occasionally stop working after the most recent updates. Try returning to an earlier program version if that’s your situation.

Verify whether Street View is accessible where you live

Employ points of interest

  • Points of Interest (POI) are locations that may draw many potential tourists. These locations include parks, schools, museums, governmental structures, commercial hubs, and more.

Viewing POIs on Google Maps

  • Launch Google Maps and perform a location or address search

  • Next, select the locations you want to search, such as parks, restaurants, etc., by clicking on Nearby on Google Maps.

  • Press the Search button, and Google Maps will show you all the POIs in the area. Click the yellow Street View man icon to see if the problem has been resolved.

  • By using Google Maps in their browser, many users could get around this problem. Enter your present location into the Google search field, and then click the Maps link on the search results page to get started.

  • Once you’ve done that, feel free to set a pin wherever you like to receive a picture of the specific location.

Use a different app

  • You can switch to another GPS and navigation program if nothing else works. In some cases, the apps listed below outperform Google Maps.

  • Try Waze if you need a GPS app while driving (if the app is available in your region). Because of its social elements, which allow you to inform other Wazers about different road events, speed traps, and other things, the app is more entertaining to use than Google Maps.

About Google Street View

Name    Google Street View
Initial release May 25, 2007

Android – August 9, 2021 

IOS – May 17, 2021 

Online – September 10, 2021 

Platform Android, iOS, web
Available in Multiple languages
  • Google Street View

  • Google Street View Not Working 2022

  • How To Fix Google Street View Not Working

  • About Google Street View 

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