Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Google rolls out ChromeOS 107: New features it brings for Chrome desktop users

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Google Chrome is probably the most commonly used browser out there. New versions come out every weeks and as such, we are looking at the next incremental update in the form of Chrome 107, only a short while after Google introduced Chrome 106. Here is everything new in the latest version:

Enhanced presentations in video conferences on desktop

Google is looking to make presentations as convenient and simple as possible by providing developers with proper tools. For one, video conferencing tools can now offer a single button to select a tab that you want to share with your team and switch right to it, without requiring an extra click from you. Video calling platforms can now also simplify the list of possible screens and tabs you could want to share by allowing often used tabs or windows to be surfaced higher up in the list. The browser also introduces a warning that video calling tools can use to give a heads up when you accidentally share the tab you are videoconferencing in, creating the infamous hall of mirrors effect.

HEVC hardware decoding

Even though Google is pushing its own AV1 video codec hard, the company still seems interested in supporting other standards. The High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format, often referred to as H.265, is one of these, and it has become one of the best options out there. Google Chrome 107 adds support for hardware decoding for HEVC, which should lead to better performance. The feature is available on all platforms that offer hardware decoding, like Android 5 and higher, macOS 11 and higher and select devices on ChromeOS and Windows.

Foundation for simpler login workflows

Google is on a mission to get rid of passwords. It would rather have us rely on trusted gadgets, much like we have keys for our houses. Changes like these take a lot of time, though, and can be frustrating when you need to actively switch between either login type depending on which you prefer for which website. Chrome 107 aims to fix this issue by allowing you to log in with either method on one single interface, with a prompt to log in with your passkey showing up first.

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