Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Google Pixel 7a Launch Is Near: Amazon Hints

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Users can sign up for the “Google Pixel 7a family launch announcement” on Amazon, according to GSMArena. No information is given on the Pixel 7a’s release date, but given that the e-commerce behemoth is already sending out invitations, it shouldn’t take too long.

Launch of the Pixel 7a Is Imminent

With the same bespoke Tensor chipset and special software capabilities as the more expensive Pixels, Google announced the Pixel 6a earlier this year. It was first introduced in July and is now being offered in India for less than Rs 35,000. The phone’s low cost helped it gain a lot of popularity with consumers. Amazon now speculates that Google may be getting ready to announce the Pixel 7a shortly. Users can reportedly subscribe to receive notifications when the smartphone is announced by the online retailer.

Of course, the Google Pixel 7a will feature a fresh look. It will resemble the Pixel 7 and offer an improvement over the Pixel 6a. The newest Tensor chip is probably also found in the phone. Expectations include a punch-hole display and dual cameras.

However, it seems unlikely to us that Google will make the 7a public this soon. The company took months to debut the Pixel 6a, which is currently only six months old. Additionally, a recent source stated that Google had placed an order for 4 million “a” phones, which will launch early next year. It’s important to note that the event is for the “Google Pixel 7a Family,” which refers to the various smartphone models. Due to the fact that the Pixel 5a and 6a currently have 5G, we do not anticipate different 5G/4G variants. There’s a chance the business will bring the alleged Pixel 7 mini.

Although Google had already introduced its first wearable, the Pixel Watch, earlier this month, the item on Amazon also listed a watch. This implies that there’s a good chance the whole subscription thing is an error. We have joined the list and will notify you if Amazon delivers an update in any instance.

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