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google: Google Doodle celebrates North American Stickball: All you need to know about the sport

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Google today celebrates the indigenous North American Stickball through its Doodle. According to reports, Google used an illustration by Native American artist Marlena Myles to mark the US Native American Heritage Month. Myles is a member of the Spirit Lake Dakota/Mohegan/Muscogee tribe.

According to the Google’s statement on the Doodle, the North American Stickball was a ceremonial sport invented by the Native Americans. The game is also one of the oldest team sports in North America. Per reports, North American Stickball was played by several native tribes, including Yuchi, Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee, and Chickasaw.

Google further said in the statement that the Doodle adaptation of the sport’s illustration was intended to bring forward the story of Stickball and how traditions blended with the game. The illustration depicted three distinct versions of the game, which also included the sage smudging practice.

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The month of November has been celebrated as the US Native American Heritage Month since 1990, after then US President H.W. Bush passed a formal resolution for the same. The current POTUS, Joe Biden, also reiterated the importance of the event on Monday, October 31. Speaking of Native American Heritage Month, President Biden urged all Americans, including the state and federal elected representatives, to organise appropriate events and ceremonies, especially on November 25, Native American Heritage Day.


  1. When did the US Native American Heritage Month start?
    It was first initiated in 1990 by the then US President, H.W. Bush.
  2. When is Native American Heritage Day celebrated?
    Native American Heritage Day is celebrated on November 25.

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