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Google Drive Folders Not Showing Up? How To Fix Google Drive Folders Not Showing Up?

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Google Drive Not Showing All Folders

Google Drive, one of the most reliable cloud storage services, is extremely popular and praised for its seamless service. But it may sometimes get bugged, and you may encounter Google Drive folders that are not available. When throttled with Google Drive folders not showing up an issue, there are many ways to fix the problem. One immediate solution is to pause and then resume Google Drive. You can also try to run the Google backup app as an administrator. Besides, make sure that all folders are checked to sync.

Google Drive Folders Not Showing Up

Google Drive moves files you delete into an area called  Trash. Within 30 days, you have to restore them should you want. Having trouble locating a file or set of files in Google Drive? Suggestions are below, and you should be able to track down missing files in Google Drive.

To view the Trash, select Trash on the Google Drive sidebar.

Type the file name into the Search in Drive. Select the Search options icon in the Drive field.

Type the following search parameter into the Search in Drive field  is:unorganized owner:me

Click My Drive on the Google Drive sidebar, select the Info icon and switch to the Activity tab.

To do that, select the padlock-shaped View site information icon on the address bar and select Site Settings. Followed by selecting Clear data.

Right-click the Backup and Sync icon and select Settings > Preferences. Then, switch to the Google Drive tab and choose the Sync everything in My Drive option to avoid missing out on anything.

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Google Drive Shared Folders Not Showing Up

Google’s Shared Drive feature allows Business, Enterprise, and G Suite Business users to store, search, and access files with a team. However, some users have reported the issue that Google Shared Drive is not showing up the issue on Google forums. Here are the steps to help you resolve the Google Shared Drive not showing up issue 

  • Add the Folder to My Drive: Log in to Google Drive credentials, and click on the Shared With Me option. Open the folder Click on Add to My Drive.

  • Access it from the web view: Open the Google Drive extension. Check if the shared folders are visible in the web view.

  • Force immediate sync: Open Google Drive File Stream on your computer. Under the hidden context menu, Press the following key 

 For Windows:

  1.         Hold Shift and right-click on the folder.

  2.        Choose Refresh folder 

  For macOS:

  1.         Hold the Control key and Right-click on the folder.

  2.        Select the Refresh folder.

  • Disconnect and reconnect your Google account: Click on the Preferences option. Then Click on Disconnect account.

  • Wait for the bug to be fixed: The Google Shared Drive not showing the issue is due to a bug. Initially, Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Google account to fix the issue. Do folder refresh to sync the folders.

How To Fix Google Drive Folders Not Showing Up Issue?

Check some more accessible and effective remedies to get rid of the Google drive folders facing the issue.

  1. Go to your Taskbar and select the Google Drive icon.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Click on the three dots and select the Pause Syncing option.

  • Relaunching Google Sync: Select the Google Drive icon from the Taskbar, exit the option, and then relaunch it. 

  • Running Google Backup App as Admin: Right-click on Google Drive. Now launch it with the administrator’s privilege.

  • Resign in: log out from your account and again resign it

  • Making All Folders Checked To Sync: Go to the Taskbar and click on the menu of Google Drive. Now, select the Preferences window. Check that you have everything synced in your Drive. You can also view the unsynced files online. To do this, right-click on your Google Drive icon. Then choose the Visit Google Drive on the web option. 

  • Changing Some Firewall Settings

  • Additional fixes: Reboot your computer 

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.

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