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CLEAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Ltd – A brief Details about them and what we know

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Beryl TV image-3 CLEAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Ltd - A brief Details about them and what we know Technology Techs


They are a Chemical Manufacturing Company, based in India.

Clean Science And Technology Ltd. was established in 2003 as a family-owned business. By sticking closely to their vision, we are working to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes of specialized chemicals, which are exported to many countries around the world. With the ultimate goal of novel design and the clean processes of its products, we are working hard to build better and cost-effective catalyst systems.

They have production facilities in Kurkumbh, MIDC (Maharashtra, India) which are automated to maintain high levels of accuracy and efficiency. Our Quality Control Department has all the testing facilities needed to easily analyze incoming, continuous, and finished products.

Clean Science and Technology Ltd. has customers from Japan to the USA, which makes it a truly international organization.


Understanding the needs of constantly growing consumers and industrial markets through dedicated research and innovation, Pure Science and Technology meet the growing global demand by delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that make a difference, with functional ingredients and catalytic for self-improvement chemicals.


Clean Science and Technology operates in 3 production facilities at Kurkumbh MIDC. Their production facilities are self-sufficient in proven design and marketing skills and comply with local and international regulatory requirements.


Clean Science and Technology was reported as the ‘Winner of the SME First class 50 Jury Round’ facilitated by ICICI Bank. The truth is that they have gotten this regarded grant among pan-India SMEs, all went through solid choice and strong testing preparation, a time of pride and awesome regard for the company. One of the foremost imperative points of reference in their travel and the incredible vote of certainty within the company’s nearness within the worldwide advertising, Mr. Krishna Boob and Mr. Siddharth Sikchi got this honor from the hands of CM Shri Fadnavis at the occasion of Attractive Maharastra Conference in 2018.


Safety Week 2021

They watched the 50th National Security Week within the month of March 2021 at their manufacturing plant locales. The week was checked with exercises like beginning with help preparing, security tests, security notices, and pennant shows, deride penetrate preparing, and numerous more activities.

10 Year Commemoration

Celebration Celebrating the 10th Commemoration of the organization was a minute of pride and bliss. It wasn’t fair the celebration of a 10-year journey, but a commemoration of the sheer difficult work, commitment, and all the idealized flawed minutes of our individuals and our journey.

Clean Interface – Yearly Day

17th October 2018 It was an event of celebration, felicitation, socializing and a day we’ll never disregard! Each part shared stories about their travel within the company. The administration talked about the development of the organization, future objectives, and the vision for the coming year. The social occasions and uncommon accomplishment grants were the highlights of the event.

Recently they have launched their IPO which is growing very faster.

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