Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Asake apologizes to Birmingham fans for late appearance

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The red-hot artist arrived hours late as he didn’t show up at the event until 11 PM. Asake was met with boos from a section of the fans who were unhappy about the way the organizers went about the show.

One Twitter who attended the show stated that the crowd management was poor and caused a stampede.

Some fans were also dissatisfied with Asake’s performance which users on Twitter jokingly likened to a Church praise and worship session.

After the disgruntled surfaced online, Asake appeared to take a defiant position first posting a picture of himself flashing a big smile while displaying 100 dollar notes. He then followed up this post with a screenshot of Ebenezer Obey’s famous song ‘The Horse, The Man, and The Son’ which is a song that basically talks about how one can never please the world.

Asake has however backtracked as he apologized to Birmingham fans for coming late through his Twitter account.

“Birmingham I’m sorry for the delay yesterday. The promoters delayed my pick-up time for reasons best known to them, But I’m super grateful for your patience and understanding,” the tweet reads.

Asake is billed to perform in London at the O2 Brixton Arena on 15th December and fans will be hoping that there’s no repeat of the events in Birmingham.

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