Thursday, May 30, 2024

Amazon is running an incredible pre-Black Friday Apple Watch Series 8 sale

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Unveiled just a couple of months ago with a decidedly familiar design and list of features and unsurprisingly met with great enthusiasm by both consumers and reviewers, the Apple Watch Series 8 didn’t exactly receive the most substantial discounts during its first few weeks of commercial availability. 
That changes today… in a big way, as Amazon attempts to bring (even more) early holiday cheer into your houses by slashing up to a whopping 210 bucks off the regular prices of a number of different Series 8 models. These are obviously not the most affordable such devices you’d normally be able to get, but even with standalone cellular connectivity and a premium stainless steel build, you’re looking at a markdown reaching as high as 30 percent.
To maximize your pre-Black Friday 2022 savings, you’ll need to go the graphite stainless steel case route with a midnight sport band in an S/M size or opt for a silver stainless steel body paired with an M/L white sport band. 
Both Apple Watch Series 8 versions are discounted by the huge aforementioned $210 from a $700 list price for an undoubtedly limited time only… although no such time is specified at the moment.

The same goes for a couple of lower-cost models rocking a red aluminum case paired with a matching red sport band in an M/L size and an all-midnight aluminum case/sport band combination available for S/M and M/L wrists at $110 under a regular price of $499.

All of these deeply discounted devices come with (reasonably) compact 41mm cases, mind you, and built-in support for making and receiving voice calls on their own. Unfortunately, Amazon is not also offering significant price reductions for customers preferring 45mm or GPS-only models right now. 

Then again, there’s really no reason to settle for GPS connectivity (if you don’t necessarily need a 45mm variant), and if you want better long-term durability without breaking the bank, now’s definitely the time to go for a stainless steel-made Apple Watch Series 8.

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