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7 popular slangs that show Nigerians are suffering

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Gone are the days we used to sing ‘all my guys are ballers’. Now our popular slangs are;

Popularised by singer Portable, many Nigerians have found themselves crying to the only person that can save them, God.

How to use it in a sentence – I don’t want to see shege, God abeg o.

This means a serious absence of purchasing power, it gained momentum in 2021, but now it’s on everyone’s lips.

How to use in a sentence – Omo, sapa choke o.

This an old phrase that is now gaining popularity because everyone is seeing shege. It means trouble or a tough time.

How to use it in a sentence – I’m going through shege.

This slang started from a random video online, people have resorted to manifesting a baller’s lifestyle and running away from the ways of a mechanic.

How to use it in a sentence – I wanna be a baller, I don’t wanna be mechanic.

Japa is another slang that is on everyone’s lips and it simply means running away from the country,

How to use it in a sentence – I don japa o.

This slang was Davido’s brainchild and it first meant someone’s success is oppressing you but now it means life is oppressing you.

How to use it in a sentence – E choke.

This is both a place and a state of mind, it means a very bad and razz situation or place.

How to use it in a sentence – Update us about what’s going on in the trenches.

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