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2023 KRA PIN checker: verifying, retrieving and more

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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a crucial requirement for individuals and businesses in Kenya. It is essential for various financial and tax-related transactions, including filing tax returns, opening bank accounts, and securing government tenders. This article will guide you through three essential aspects of KRA PIN: the PIN checker, obtaining KRA PIN, and retrieving a forgotten PIN.

How to go about the KRA PIN checking or verification

The KRA PIN checker is a valuable tool for verifying the authenticity of a KRA PIN. It allows you to confirm if a PIN provided to you is valid and associated with the correct individual or business entity. Here’s how to use it:

1. Visit the KRA PIN checker website

Go to the official Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) checker website Then enter the KRA PIN checker you want to verify.

2. Security code

Complete the security code prompt to prove you’re not a robot.

3. Click ‘Submit’

After confirming the security code, click the “Submit” button.

4. Verification result

The system will display the verification result, indicating whether the provided KRA PIN is valid or not.

Using the KRA PIN checker is crucial to ensure that you are dealing with legitimate tax-related matters and preventing potential fraud.

Obtaining a KRA PIN

If you don’t already have a KRA PIN, obtaining one is a straightforward process:

1. Visit the KRA website

Again, start by visiting the official KRA website.

2. Navigate to ”Online Services”

Look for the “Online Services” section on the website’s homepage.

3. Click “Apply for a KRA PIN”

 Follow the prompts and fill out the necessary information accurately.

4. Submit the application

Review your application details and submit it. You will receive a notification confirming your successful application.

Retrieving a forgotten KRA PIN

If you’ve forgotten your KRA PIN, don’t worry; you can retrieve it using the following steps:

1. Visit the KRA website

Start by visiting the KRA website as before.

2. Access iTax services

Go to the “Online Services” section and click on “iTax Services.”

3. Login to iTax

Log in to your iTax account using your credentials.

4. Click ‘Forgot Password/Unlock Account’

Inside your iTax account, you will find an option to reset your password or unlock your account. Click on it.

5. Follow the instructions

You will be guided through a series of steps to verify your identity and reset your PIN.

Final thoughts on KRA PIN checker

The KRA PIN is a vital document for Kenyan taxpayers. It’s essential to know how to use the KRA PIN checker, how to obtain a PIN if you don’t have one, and how to retrieve it if you forget it. By following these steps and staying informed, you can navigate the world of taxes and financial transactions in Kenya more effectively.

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