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Unknown assailants in ondo state, murdered a 52-year-old woman three years after her daughter was raped and killed.

According to vanguard news reports. The deceased was a mother of the 20-year-old model, Oluwaseun Ajila who was brutally murdered.

The 20-year-old young model was raped and stabbed by unknown persons in the year 2018.

The deceased mother was also reported to be stabbed on Tuesday morning at her house in Ondo state.

The source said that a relation who was living with the deceased found her in her pool of blood gruesomly stabbed five times in my stomach

It was gathered that before her neighbours rushed to the scene, the victim was stone dead.

A neighbor said that ” the young girl narrated to us that when she woke up, she was looking for her mother so that they can pray together, unfortunately she didn’t see her”

“She went on searching until she found her mother lifeless body in the corner of the room.

” The daughter told us that her corpse was wrapped with some of her clothes which the killers took from her wardrobe.

“When we got there today, we had to call other neighbours to come and see what happened to the victim.

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