Taliban says Afghanistan will be guided by Sharia law, ‘no democratic system at all’

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A senior Taliban commander on Wednesday laid out the broad strokes of how Afghanistan will be governed after the stunning fall of Kabul, saying there will be an Islamic government with Sharia law and no democratic system “at all.”

Waheedullah Hashimi, the leader, told Reuters that democracy does not have “any base in our country.

We will not discuss what type of political system should we apply in Afghanistan because it is clear. It is Sharia law and that is it,” he said.

The Taliban said that the rights of women in the country will be respected as long as it fits within the framework of Islamic law.” Many observers point out that the Taliban’s statement could have a broad interpretation and are concerned that it means a return to 1996 in the country.

The Taliban have been vague on their assurances to women in the country. The group said that women should work and join the government but did not elaborate on either. The Taliban have allowed girls to return to school, handing out Islamic headscarves at the door. A female news anchor interviewed a Taliban official Monday in a TV studio.

The Taliban has forced women to wear burkas and has been against girls attending school over the age of 10,Another woman said, “As long as my right to study and work is protected, I don’t mind wearing a hijab. I live in an Islamic country and I’m willing to accept the Islamic dress code – as long as it’s not a burqa though because that’s not an Islamic dress code.

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