Tell My Daughter What He Wanted – Mercy Johnson Shares Video Of young mother @reginadaniels And Son

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The video shows Regina Daniels holding Munir and trying to calm him down when he was also looking for a way to have some breast milk from her mother but being a young mother, Regina Daniels didn’t know and was only trying to calm him down.

Mercy Johnson shared the video as one of her favorite videos asking her fans to tell Regina Daniels what Munir wanted that first day after birth since she seems not to have any idea and was only playing with him trying to calm him down when he needed breat milk.

Regina Daniels now is doing great as a mother and her son Munir is already a year old and they both are doing very well building the bond between them as mother and son and are loved by people around them.
Regina Daniels and Mercy Johnson once had some issue that made Mercy ended her relationship with Regina but now they have patched up things between them and have continued their mother and daughter relationship from where they ended it.

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