Edo-born beauty queen, Faith Ajayi speaks out – says she’s been depressed, rejected due to her crossed-eyes

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Cross-eyed beauty queen says she was rejected several times by modeling agencies and beauty pageant organisers.

26-year-old fashion designer and a graduate of Business Administration, Yaba College of Technology, while growing up she was always laughed at in primary school and would go home crying. One day, she asked her mother if she was born like this or something happened to her eyes after birth. Her mother said this was how she gave birth to her, she went on to to tell her how a doctor advised her to get her Faith a pair of eye glasses when she was a kid, but she refused. Though, some tests were conducted on Faith’s eyes, they found that nothing was wrong with her.

Miss Ajayi’s crossed-eyes were natural. Faith attended Federal Government College, Ibillo, Akoko Edo, Edo State, her crossed- eyes seem strange to some of the students. according to her people always starred at her and sometimes they even pointed fingers in reference to her. It felt uncomfortable, but her mother would tell her to see her eyes as her beauty. So, since then if I saw  pupils laughing at her, she would cry inside, but would be bold to tell them that ‘my eyes are my beauty.’

So when her friend saw the advert online and told her about it. She checked it out and was reluctant to apply because of her crossed-eyes,  which made modeling agencies and beauty pageant organisers to disqualify her a number of times.  Also, she told her friend that she would be wasting her time going for the competition because the organisers already had who they wanted as winner. However, after much encouragement from family and friends, she decided to give it a trial.

she says, ‘before the beauty pageant idea came to my mind. I’ve always wanted to be a model. I attended so many auditions and they would tell me that I am qualified but my eyes are the problem. I wanted to do modeling or ushering jobs, but they would turn me down, saying they didn’t want a crossed-eyed person that would affect their relationship with their sponsors or clients. One modeling agency even offered to give me some drugs that would correct my eyes, but I told them I have never heard of any medicine that can correct a natural crossed-eye.’

Sometimes, when I am with other models for auditions, they would look at me and ask what am I doing there, that I am just wasting my time. It was so discouraging that I got depressed.’

Life is filled with challenges, but rather than give up, one should continue to strive to overcome them.

Inspite of her handicap, however, she refused to give up on her dream of becoming a model and beauty queen.

Now, Faith’s perseverance has paid off. Recently, she contested and won the Miss Melanin beauty pageant. And with this, things have begun to fall in the right places for her. 

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