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with the countless number of graduate roaming the street of Lagos without a job and the increasing number of fresh graduate joining the band wagon, joining the struggle to survive, it begs the question, what next?

Most often than not, parents and the society expects this fresh graduates to be responsible for themselves and even sometimes, the family, without considering if this people are trying to find their feet! If you’re fortunate to be the first child or should I say unfortunate 😂 it’s very likely that you’d be under so much pressure! What is the way forward?

I know economic stability is extremely important, but so is your mental health. You can try doing something creative, that’s if you’d really like to do that instead of waiting. But in the end, fending for yourself means so much and it’s really REALLY hard to push yourself to do something you like while everyone in your family keeps telling you how you’d never make any money if you’re not a doctor or a lawyer.

What’s worse is that everyone around you seems to be getting work, so why haven’t you? It’s not like you haven’t been trying. After all you’ve read plenty of ways to get a job, and you have put the time and effort into your applications – but still nothing. To make matters worse – you aren’t sure how long you will be in this limbo period for. Needless to say, it’s an emotionally taxing time!

Instead of feeling resentful or down on yourself, why don’t you turn the situation around and reach out to the people who are telling the world about their new job? As you congratulate them, ask them to share any of their tips. I’m sure they will be flattered, especially if you say you feel inspired by their success, and that you would like to learn from them.

And if you happen to know that some of your other graduate peers haven’t found a job yet – why don’t you reach out to them too? You could provide one another with emotional support because no doubt they’re feeling the pressure too. You could set up a WhatsApp group or meet for drinks once a week where you share your experiences and when one of you gets a job – the secrets of your success!

Ask yourself what you really want! Establish good search of what you want and dedicate your time to it. And while you’re waiting, do not give room for depression! Go online, learn something new, skills, language or anything that excites you!

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