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The actress turn fire fighter said she feels great that her dreams of helping people has been fulfilled but in acting and in doing her job as a fire fighter.

Some of her movies are : Deadly Desire, The calabash, Place of sorrow, Village Don, Hunted place etc.

She said:

“I feel great. God has really done me well. My whole life has changed positively. I may not have it all but am grateful to God for everything I’ve achieved, my life is a great testimony. Both jobs have both been fulfilling in different ways. Growing up I always have the feeling of helping people and also making people happy. I have been able to do this through acting and firefighting.

“Acting on the other hand has helped me put smiles on people’s faces. Most times I get calls from people telling me about movies I acted in, the role I played, and how it made them feel. Then I realized most people are happy whenever they watch my movie. Am a fulfilled woman.”

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