How wives make their husband cheat

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Here are some reasons men cheat in marriages. we will be looking at how women (wives) make their man (husband) cheat. some of the ways women make thire men cheat are:

DIRTY: Some women are so that you cant even bring yourself to eat in their house. imagine you were a man and just came home after a very stressful day only for you to be welcomed by a very horrible smell. some women stay the whole day without even taking their bath with the excuse of doing house chores. no man likes a dirty woman and that bad smell gradually drives them (the men) away.

LACK OF SELF CARE: When you were his girlfriend you took special care of yourself but immediately you became the wife you suddenly became so nonchalant about your look. some women carry one hair for 5 months without washing it. they don’t hit the gym anymore, they eat anyhow and become excessively fat.

LACK OF ROMANCE: You were so romantic that he couldn’t get his mind of you when you were his girlfriend but now that you are his wife you don’t see those romantic things to be necessary feel those things are only for girlfriend and boyfriends. men need those romantic things you usually do, in fact it was part of the reasons he married you.

NAGGING: That your hubby who coouldn’t wait to get home now stays out late because he knows what await him at home. its true that hubby can make you angry at time but that shouldnt make you nag at every given opportunity. you interrogate him every now and then, how will he want to stay with you when you dont give him peace of mind?

SEX STARVATION; When you start sex starving your husband, you are indirectly pushing him to cheat. When you starve him of sex, he goes out to get it.etc

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