7 Reasons why people remain in bad marriages

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  1. Believe that change will come: A lot of people stay in unhealthy marriages hoping that their husbands or wife will change not knowing that those habits hardly die.
  2. Peoples Opinion: This has been one of those reasons people stay in toxic marriages. They try to consider what people would say which shouldn’t have even been considered in the first place.
  3. The children: A lot of couple still stay in harmful marriages for the sake of the their children saying they wouldn’t want their children to be brought up by a single parent.
  4. Lack of financial stability: Some stay because aside their partner there is no other means of income.This one of the things one should consider before getting married because there is nothing compared to financial independence.
  5. Family: For the fact there no one in there family has ever being separated or divorced not knowing that everyone has different fate.
  6. Uncertainty: The fear of not knowing what to do afterwards is one of the reasons they stay.
  7. Age: Funny enough people stay because of their age especially the ladies. With the believe that no one will one to marry them at their age.

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