Dating palava

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Nigerians! Lol, we have this way of doing stuffs and many people like me finds it hilarious 😂! when a guy say let’s date, it means come to my house let’s 😏😒! And when a lady agrees to have a relationship with a guy he becomes an automatic ATM! And for those that finds the genuine love, romance and going on dates becomes a thing of the past, because they have ” won the bae” lol.

We should always remember that relationships is more that two people having sex, cuddling up, demanding for money and the likes, we know it’s necessary, however, it can be tiring when that’s the only thing we think and do.

The genuiness that most people who are “lucky” enjoy in relationships sometimes goes south because there are no romantic dates, no setting of goals that they would achieve as a team! No support when it comes to work, business and academics. Helping your spouse or partner is also a way of bonding.


Ladies should learn to earn their own money! Whatever boo gives to you should be an addition and an act of love! Do not pressure your man too much, you’ll end up losing yourself and respect. Learn also to reciprocate his act of kindness, surprise him, get him gifts. Make it easy for him to date you!

Guys? in as much as a lady decides to date you, does not mean you must have sex with her always! It’s not your birthright! If she’s free and can do that always, no big deal.

Learn to protect your woman! woo her over and over again. Be romantic! Nigeria men, be romantic 😁 take her on special dates! Create beautiful moments with her!

It’s important as this will help build a good relationship and also make us have a stable life romantically!

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